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Rios Design Studio

Licensed landscape architects providing landscape design that suits our client’s lifestyle and budget.

Rios Design Studio, LLC is a landscape architecture and design firm based in Bakersfield, California. Rios Design Studio‘s owners are licensed landscape architects with 50 years of combined experience in the profession of landscape architecture.

Our company mission is to prepare designs for the implementation of creative quality outdoor spaces responsive to the goals of our clients.

Providing alternative viable solutions and fashioning our landscape design with state of the art construction practices, we strive to create a long lasting “sustainable” environment which meets our clients’ established landscape budget.

Rios Design Studio recognizes that beautiful man made landscapes that use natural resources responsibly don’t happen by accident. Those landscapes are a result of careful project planning, installation and maintenance. Simply put… “Conservation by Design!”

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Rios Design Studio takes landscapes from concept to reality that suit our client’s lifestyle and budget.
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Creative outdoor spaces begin with collective goals and instituting opportunities through graphic interpretations.
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Ready to work with licensed and experienced landscape architects? Allow Rios Design Studio's designers to take your landscape from concept to reality.
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